Strategic Response Unit

The Strategic Response Unit is not only the newest division at Precinct 5, but it brings a tactical asset to the department that adds an increased level of service to the public.  Comprised of highly trained deputies, the SRU is tasked with quickly and effectively dealing with criminal activity, as well as growing crime trends throughout Precinct 5.

As part of their mission, the SRU is tasked with traffic enforcement, fugitive apprehension, and direct tactical responses when the situation calls for it.  When additional law enforcement assets are needed to address specific issues, the SRU is then brought in.

In these cases, the unit works closely with other Precinct 5 divisions to bring resolution to the situation.  These could include any of the unit’s primary responsibilities, battling increased criminal activity in an area, or assisting in whatever capacity is necessary to effectively accomplish the goal.

The versatility of the Strategic Response Unit enables Precinct 5 to enhance literally every aspect of law enforcement.

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