Open Records


Open Records

Pursuant to the Public Information Act, all requests for the release of records held by the Harris County Constable’s Office Precinct 5 must be made in writing.  This can be accomplished by filling out the online open records request form to the right or:

Email to

or Carrier Mail to

The Office of Constable Ted Heap
Harris County Precinct 5 Attn: Open Records
17423 Katy Freeway
Houston Tx. 77094

To help us better assist you, please ensure that the following information is included in your request:

Your name, phone number, email, and mailing address, and a clear description of the information you are requesting.


Upon receipt of the request, Precinct 5 has 10 business days to respond.  Note that this response may or may not include the requested records.  As a law enforcement agency, Precinct 5 maintains records that, in whole or in part, are confidential by law. These can include records that deal with open cases.  Requests for copies of these records present a unique challenge in determining whether the requested information can be released under law.

It is the policy of the Precinct 5 Constable’s office to balance the rights of those seeking access to these records with the integrity of open cases and applicable open records laws.

For more information on how to make a request, as well as your rights under the Public Information Act, please visit the Texas Attorney General's Office.

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