Narcotics Unit

The Narcotics Unit is an undercover group that specializes in felony narcotics cases ranging from major marijuana grow operations to street level drug dealing. In operation after operation, the unit has removed large amounts of narcotics and guns from the streets and has arrested numerous individuals for drug related offenses.

The Narcotics Unit often works closely with other local, state, and federal agencies to assist with cases in and around Precinct 5.  They are highly trained, highly motivated, and highly effective and have dealt major blows to narcotic trafficking in and around Harris County.

Some of the Unit's recent activities:

Seized 22.5 kilos of cocaine.
Seized BMW from drug trafficking operation.
Seized over $16,000 from drug trafficking operation.
Busted grow house, seizing 172 marijuana plants.
Seized $73,000 in drug money and 11 guns.
Seized 47 lbs. marijuana.
Seized 81 lbs. marijuana.
Seized 17 lbs. marijuana in a drug free zone.
Seized 450 lbs. marijuana with an estimated street value of 2.5 million dollars.



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