Motorcycle Division

The Precinct 5 Motors Division is comprised of motorcycle units with the primary objective of the division being traffic enforcement within Precinct 5.  Along with ensuring that traffic flows as smoothly as possible, they also assist with school zones and accident scenes. One of the many benefits of a motor unit is the capability to get to incidents that would otherwise be difficult to reach. The small size of the motorcycle enables the officer to maneuver through traffic to get where they are needed. Because of this, the motors unit is invaluable in assisting virtually every other division within the department.


Each officer provides their own motorcycle but receives a privately owned vehicle allowance from the department. Precinct 5 deputies ride either a Harley or a Honda Gold Wing and log thousands of riding hours a year.  To join the Motor Division, officers undergo 40 hours of mandated class through the department. This training consists of riding eight hours a day and completing difficult obstacle courses designed to hone their riding skills.  At the end of the course, each officer must pass both a driving and written test before earning their motorcycle wings.

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