Community Corner

Precinct 5 has established partnerships throughout the neighborhoods we patrol and we will constantly strive to strengthen them.  To that end, we are developing the Community Corner.  In the months ahead, we will work with each neighborhood in our contract patrol program to create a custom page specific to their needs.

Whether it's creating a hub to all of a neighborhood's social media links, offering a forum for a neighborhood newsletter, tailoring the style and resources to fit specific needs, or all of the above, the Community Corner will be your corner of the Precinct 5 web page.

We will be contacting the security liaisons and/or board members for their input, and encourage you to contact them with any ideas you have for your neighborhood's page.  We will then do our best to customize your page as requested.

With contracted patrol neighborhoods numbering well into the hundreds, we ask for your patience as we construct each one.  Check back often to see if your Community Corner page is up.


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