Constable Helps with Citizen’s Academy



The Precinct 5 Citizen’s Police Academy is currently in its 6th class, and last night participants were exposed to mock calls for service.  Placing civilians in the shoes of an officer and seeing how they handle themselves has been a staple of the class since the start, just as Constable Heap showing up to play the “bad guy” has been.  In class after class, Constable Heap has donned his welders cap and sunglasses, brought his own homemade mixture of fake blood for effect and, along with his wife Jennifer, have taken the scenario night to another level.

It’s been expressed in every class that Constable Heap is a large, imposing figure to have to go up against, but take your eyes off Jennifer and you’re going to find it was a costly mistake.  It’s not often that you see the boss on the floor with civilians piled on top trying to put handcuffs on him, but with the Pct.5 Citizens Academy, we see it every class.




Also, on hand from the beginning is Lt. Simon Ramirez who has run the Fire Arms Training Simulator  for every class.  Sitting at the controls of the simulator he is able to manipulate the simulator towards compliance or increased aggression, depending on the actions of the cadet.  Whether bullets fly or not, be ready to defend your actions or inactions, and whatever you do, don’t holster until it’s over.






Through the various classes we have had several deputies and command members who have turned out to help, both as instructors or role players.  It’s because of their willingness to volunteer that the academy scenario night has been so successful.

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